Ryan's Smashing Life - "Larger than Life...Why K Phillips is America's Greatest Songwriter

"Texas native K Phillips has been one of America's best kept secrets for the last half decade.. This summer the storyteller moved to Nashville - to a place in which people understand excellence. There, his ramshackle, country vibe comes off exactly as intended.. Cautiously perfect. Righteously cool.

K Phillips is one of my top five live acts in America and we're delighted (of course) to have him back with us in New York this week. Not hip to the jive? No worries, most of us aren't judgmental - but the fact remains, this diminutive character is one of the very best making music."

No Depression - [REVIEW] K Phillips' American Girls (2012)

The music, like bar band music with soul, is as uplifting as the lyrics are hellbent. Keys displays a soulful side here he never exposed while blatting out punchlines for the Stones. Check out the King Curtis-style ride he takes on “Kat’s Song.”

“I know that I am still young, and possibly, dumb enough to play the exact kind of undefined music I want to play,” Philips wrote in his blog last year. “I don’t know how my life is going to work out, but I do know I’m going to do exactly what I am passionate about, and nothing less.”